3 Signs You’re Headed for a Septic System Emergency Near Mill Creek


If you need to schedule septic system emergency services for your property around Mill Creek, then there’s a serious underlying issue with the septic tank or one of its many inlet and outlet pipes. The good news is that the system will give off signs that something is not working properly. Pay attention to what it’s telling you because these are warning signs that one or more components have malfunctioned, or there is a major obstruction. Be especially on the lookout for these signs of a faulty septic system.

1. Abnormal Drainage or Sounds

Schedule an appointment with a local septic service provider if you notice slow drainage or odors emanating from the system. This includes the drains in your home backing up or gurgling sounds as water slowly goes down the drain. This is usually the first sign that you need a septic system inspection to determine the cause.

2. Standing Water or Foul Smells in the Drain Field

Is there standing water directly above the drain field? This may be a sign of a backup in one of the septic pipes or a rupture. If the pooling water is accompanied by a musty odor, then you may have a septic system emergency, as this can present a serious sanitation issue. At the least, you may require septic pumping to clear a major blockage.

3. Clogged Plumbing and/or Flooding

Call for septic repair if you’re plagued by constant flooding issues. This may be due to a clog that’s gradually progressing its way up the pipes. Though the obstruction is out of sight, the odor will gradually become more apparent. In other words, trust your nose. Continue Reading →

Caring for Your Septic System During the Winter Near Lynnwood

Septic system during winterIf you reside in a cold region, winters can be quite harsh on the septic system. Maintenance is vital throughout the year, but it’s even more crucial that you maintain the system when the temperature dips. It’s more feasible to make several minor fixes from season to season, rather than calling a contractor for major and expensive septic system repairs. Septic system winter maintenance especially warrants special consideration. Here are ways you can keep the system in operating condition.

Maintain Your Pumping Schedule

Septic tank pumping is necessary to prevent backups from occurring. Rather than waiting for a backup to occur, you should schedule septic pumping at least once a year. It can be nightmarish to have a backed-up septic system smack in the middle of winter.

Clear Away Nearby Plants

To prevent expensive septic system repairs, be certain that any plants and trees are cleared away. While a visual charm, the plant roots beneath the soil can wreak havoc on the septic system pipes. Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for Your Septic Tank Inspection Near Lake Forest Park


You should schedule a septic system inspection every few years. This is especially so if your water usage is above average in relation to the size of your home. An assessment ensures leaks or other damages are detected in their early stages and repairs are made as necessary. Septic tank inspection preparation, though, is important for ensuring a smoother process once the assessment is underway. Here are three ways to prep your drain field.

1. Have Your Septic Tank Design Plans Ready

If you have the original copy of the system’s design plan, have it ready before the inspection date. While it may not be needed, it may come in handy for the contractor, as it aids him/her in determining where different components are in relation to the drainfield.

2. Be Sure the Tank Is Easily Accessible

Some septic tank covers are located below ground level and buried beneath soil and grass. This may make it more difficult for the inspector to locate, which unnecessarily prolongs the process. Locate the cover beforehand. It may also help in the future to install a septic riser. Continue Reading →

3 Helpful Septic Tank Pumping Tips Near Edmonds

snohomish-septicSeptic tank pumping is an integral part of keeping the septic system as a whole in consistent working order. There’s a lot that goes on during a routine pumping session, so we recommend following these fundamental septic tank pumping tips. These tips ensure a smoother process and that the system gets the diligent care it needs.

1. Schedule Septic Tank Pumping Every 3-5 Years

As a rule of thumb, have your septic tank pumped every three to five years. However, there are factors that may necessitate more frequent pumping, even as often as every year. This includes factors like a large household or properties that consume water at a higher output.

2. Pre-Select a Certified Septic Pumper

It’s ideal to have a septic pumper already selected and readily available via phone call. Whichever service you choose, be certain the company only hires certified technicians. During the technicians’ visit, be sure to ask plenty of questions regarding fees, estimated time frame, and other septic system-related inquiries. Continue Reading →

5 Questions You Need to Ask Septic Contractors in Mukilteo

snohomish-septicWhen there’s an issue with your septic system, you need assistance ASAP. Hurrying the hiring process, however, can lead to shoddy and subpar servicing. With a multitude of contractors out there, it can be tricky knowing which company to choose. To ensure you get the best value for what you pay, it helps tremendously to ask the following septic repair questions as part of the vetting process.

1. Are You Licensed?

This is a hugely integral question to ask a potential technician. It’s essential you’re certain the company or contractor is licensed and/or certified. Licensure means the contractor is officially registered at the municipal or state level to perform the industry-specific service.

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Septic Inspections Around Kirkland Will Save You Money Over Time

snohomish septic serviceSeptic system maintenance around Kirkland is about ensuring minor issues don’t exacerbate. That means septic system inspections should be an annual endeavor. There are two areas you need to give extra attention to: the intake and outlet areas. These sections have ports that enable you to see what’s in the tank. There’s a center entryway between these two ports and below a manhole that’s used for pumping solids out.

Proper Septic Tank Pumping Procedures

Pumping needs to go through the central opening because there are baffles, or sanitary tees, situated on both ends of the tank. These regulate the flow of effluent to their designated locations. At the intake, the pipe shuttles wastewater from the home to the central porton of the tank. A wall baffle directs the incoming water downwards. Without the baffle, the effluent would remain above the scum layer and solidify. This keeps wastewater from flowing freely, leading to the drains backing up in your home.

A Baffling Wastewater Problem

At the other end, there are baffles regulating water flow into the drain field. Improperly treated wastewater may be released into the drain field, creating an unsanitary mess and a health concern. The baffles require regular inspections.

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Drain field Rejuvenation Can Save You Money in Fall City

septic servicesRoutine care and well-timed pumping is the best way to maintain the septic system. However, sometimes the problem lies not in the system itself but in the drain field. The field may be ponding; this requires your immediate attention. Drain field rejuvenation may be the appropriate step of action.

What Is Drain Field Ponding?

Ponding occurs due to damaged pipes. This usually stems from tree roots penetrating the pipes, or if the soil becomes overly compact and is unable to allow the effluent to percolate. It may also occur when too much water enters the system, stemming from excess water use in the household. It may also be the case that there is too much organic matter clogging the system.

Solutions Other Than Replacement

An inspector may reveal that the problem may stem from the installation of a new garbage disposal or a new bathroom. This may cause biomat to form beneath the distribution pipes and prevent water from percolating. 

Biomat is the organic matter that aids in the purification process. However, too much biomat can inhibit soil infiltration, causing a backup that eventually leads to ponding water. A technician may install a septic tank filter to keep biomat concentrations at a steady level. Regular maintenance will also limit biomat growth.
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Home Improvements and your Septic System in Kenmore


Are you looking to expand your home in some way or another? If so, consider how this may potentially impact the septic system. Adding a garbage disposal, for example, may seem straightforward. However, non-biodegradable solid debris could enter the septic system, leading to damage and accelerated wear. This may lead to more frequent servicing and septic pumping. This is why you should consult with a septic system specialist before proceeding with any major new construction projects on your property.

Expanding your Home and the Septic System

Are you expanding the bathroom or a bedroom? First, be sure the contractor acquires any required permits before beginning. Any expansion of the house may take up space that makes up the drain field. Encroaching on the drain field can stress the septic system. Many municipalities have actually designated the maximum number of bedrooms and bathrooms allowed for a home with a septic system.

When acquiring a permit, some homeowners or their contractors may try to get around this by listing a new bedroom construction, for example, as a different type of room. However, please consider what ramifications this may have on the septic system. This is why it’s important that you familiarize yourself with local building ordinances and have a septic system provider examine the construction beforehand. Continue Reading →

Water Outside Your Septic System Can Cause Trouble in Duvall

septic system trouble

Rain is a good thing as it provides a beneficial and natural water source for the foliage. However, too much of a good thing can have unintended consequences. With the Duvall region prone to the occasional heavy rain spell, This can flood the drain field in homes with a septic system. This can lead to a backup in the home’s drainage system, necessitating a call with your local septic repair provider.

If you’re unable to clear the backup using a typical plumber’s snake or a septic-safe drain cleaner, then you may require a septic system pumping. However, you may have to wait for the ponding water to clear before a technician can clear the tank. Continue Reading →

5 EPA Expectations of Septic System Owners in Carnation

septic tanks As you likely know, the EPA has the all-important task of safeguarding the environment. There are various enforced rules with the aim of offsetting water and air contamination. While the EPA doesn’t regulate septic system handling, it does have a few voluntary set of practices. Consider the following septic system EPA guidelines to keep your system and the environment clean.

Voluntary Guidelines

The EPA has five voluntary guidelines listed on their official website’s FAQ page. Two of these are focused on what the homeowner should do.

  • System inventory and awareness of maintenance needs
  • System care via maintenance contracts

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