Home Improvements and your Septic System in Kenmore


Are you looking to expand your home in some way or another? If so, consider how this may potentially impact the septic system. Adding a garbage disposal, for example, may seem straightforward. However, non-biodegradable solid debris could enter the septic system, leading to damage and accelerated wear. This may lead to more frequent servicing and septic pumping. This is why you should consult with a septic system specialist before proceeding with any major new construction projects on your property.

Expanding your Home and the Septic System

Are you expanding the bathroom or a bedroom? First, be sure the contractor acquires any required permits before beginning. Any expansion of the house may take up space that makes up the drain field. Encroaching on the drain field can stress the septic system. Many municipalities have actually designated the maximum number of bedrooms and bathrooms allowed for a home with a septic system.

When acquiring a permit, some homeowners or their contractors may try to get around this by listing a new bedroom construction, for example, as a different type of room. However, please consider what ramifications this may have on the septic system. This is why it’s important that you familiarize yourself with local building ordinances and have a septic system provider examine the construction beforehand. Continue Reading →

Water Outside Your Septic System Can Cause Trouble in Duvall

septic system trouble

Rain is a good thing as it provides a beneficial and natural water source for the foliage. However, too much of a good thing can have unintended consequences. With the Duvall region prone to the occasional heavy rain spell, This can flood the drain field in homes with a septic system. This can lead to a backup in the home’s drainage system, necessitating a call with your local septic repair provider.

If you’re unable to clear the backup using a typical plumber’s snake or a septic-safe drain cleaner, then you may require a septic system pumping. However, you may have to wait for the ponding water to clear before a technician can clear the tank. Continue Reading →

5 EPA Expectations of Septic System Owners in Carnation

septic tanks As you likely know, the EPA has the all-important task of safeguarding the environment. There are various enforced rules with the aim of offsetting water and air contamination. While the EPA doesn’t regulate septic system handling, it does have a few voluntary set of practices. Consider the following septic system EPA guidelines to keep your system and the environment clean.

Voluntary Guidelines

The EPA has five voluntary guidelines listed on their official website’s FAQ page. Two of these are focused on what the homeowner should do.

  • System inventory and awareness of maintenance needs
  • System care via maintenance contracts

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Don’t Let Roots Break into Your Septic System in Bellevue

Snohomish Septic ServicesYour septic system may work without a hitch for years, but there may come a point when you eventually need septic repairs. If your drain field has trees and shrubbery on the surface, the system is at risk of a backup. Roots penetrating through pipes have been an ongoing issue in the industry for years, leading to countless leaks and ruptures. Even if you just have grass over the drain field, which all professional installers recommend, you should still regularly keep an eye on the area.

Look for Puddled Water

Mushy patches of grass may be a sign of a backed-up system. If a section of grass appears very damp and soggy, this may be attributed to a crack in the pipes. You’ll want to look into that right away. The issue with roots is that they’re out of sight, so you need to be on the lookout for telltale signs like soaked grass and contact a septic specialist at the first signs of problems.

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Water Conservation Can Save Your Septic System in Snohomish

snohomish-septicA septic system owner in Snohomish County can typically count on ample rainfall to minimize lawn sprinkler use. That’s one way to promote water conservation. However, septic system owners should also take active steps to direct rainwater away from the drainfield.

Saving Water Adds to Your Septic System’s Life

There have been many innovations to assist homeowners in preserving water. These methods also make it easier for you to maintain your septic system. The greater the care, the less likely you’ll require emergency services for your system down the line. Here are some ways to conserve water around the home:

  • Use low-flow showerheads
  • Limit your showers to three to five minutes
  • Invest in water-saving washers and dishwashers when these appliances need to be replaced
  • Only use the washer and dishwasher when they can be filled to capacity
  • Arrange to wash the clothes over several days to lessen the water amount flowing into the system
  • Repair leaking faucets and toilets right away – the non-stop drips and water flow adds up to a lot of wasted H2O.
  • Clear backed up drains with baking soda instead of chemical-based cleaners

On the subject of chemicals, keep them away from the drains. Be careful when using paints and washing brushes. You don’t want paint residues and solvents from the brushes or your hands entering the system. 

Keep grease and oil from entering the kitchen drain. Also, refrain from using store-bought septic cleaners. They’re often not necessary as the natural waste should create all the needed bacteria to break down any solids that enter the septic tank.

Make Water Conservation in Snohomish a Daily Habit

These methods should be enforced long-term to keep the septic system operating smoothly. When issues do arise, you’ll want trustworthy assistance. That’s where The Septic Group comes in. We provide new septic system installations as well as inspections, pumping, backup clearing, and emergency assistance. Call us at (360) 310-4430 and make use of our online $25.00 coupon for an evaluation report on your system today.

Septic System Care and Water Conservation in Snohomish

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How to Know When to Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning in Monroe

grease trap cleaning monroe

More than 8,000 restaurants have structure fires each year, totaling over $250 million in property damage. The biggest cause of these fires is the grease traps. Every restaurant owner knows the importance of regular grease trap cleaning. How do you know when, however?

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or have been in business for years, this question is key to a healthy kitchen. Manufacturers typically recommend that you schedule a cleaning every 30 to 90 days. That’s a pretty large window of time.  Frequency depends greatly upon how busy your restaurant is. Watch for these signs that it’s time to schedule a cleaning appointment with your local septic service company in Monroe.

Strong Smells

A kitchen smelling strongly of grease and rotting food is a good sign that it’s time to clean your grease trap. Food waste that sits too long produces strong, unpleasant odors. If you notice strong smells coming from your sink drains, contact your technician.

Poor Sink Drainage

Your grease trap is designed to catch most food waste, but when it’s full, there’s nowhere for the solids to go. When this happens, you’re likely to experience poor drainage or clogged pipes. Don’t wait to clean your grease trap until a problem has already developed.

Problems with Plumbing

If your grease trap is too full, plumbing throughout your facility can start having problems, too. If you notice issues with low water levels in your bathrooms, it could be a result of a grease trap that’s too full.

Think You Should Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning in Monroe Today?

The most important thing to you as a restaurant owner is that your business continues running smoothly. With no time for slow drains or clogged kitchen sinks, make sure you schedule regular grease trap cleanings. The Septic Group is here to help. We offer a variety of services, including grease trap cleanings, septic system maintenance, septic tank pumping, septic system installations, and septic inspectionsContact us today with questions, to schedule a grease trap cleaning appointment, or request a free quote for one of our other services!

Recommended Grease Trap Cleaning Specialists in Monroe

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Winter Septic System Tips in Marysville

winter septic system marysvilleWith the arrival of the coldest months of the year and the holidays, your septic system requires special care. While proper septic tank maintenance is always important, certain elements change this time of year. Be prepared by heeding these winter septic system tips in Marysville.

Insulate Your Tank

Insulate your septic system during the colder months so it doesn’t freeze over. Allow the grass covering your septic tank to grow out for an added layer of protection. You can also lay mulch over the area. This cover helps the system retain heat.

Don’t Put Off Pumping

If you’re tempted to try to make it through the winter without having your tank pumped, think again. It’s better to pump your tank before the new year. It can be hard to located the tank in snow, and it’s harder to dig into frozen ground. You’ll also have additional room in your tank so, if it does freeze, there will be no damage done to your septic system.

Keep Water Moving

Moving water usually doesn’t freeze. If you know a cold front is coming, make sure you keep water moving through your system. Daily activities like showering, doing laundry, and washing dishes should prevent freezing. Be alert for long periods where the water isn’t being used when it’s cold.

Need Winter Septic System Help in Marysville?

When you need professional assistance with your septic system this winter, contact The Septic Group of the greater Snohomish county. We offer all types of septic service, including septic system installation. Visit our website for current promotions or contact us to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free quote offer today!

Winter Septic System Services in Marysville

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Benefits of Having a Septic System in Arlington

having a septic system arlingtonIf you’re in the market to buy a new home, you’ve probably already seen a few houses with septic systems. Some people are hesitant about buying a home that isn’t connected to the public sewer system. This is often due to the fact that public plumbing is all they’re familiar with. However, don’t discount a home just because it’s not connected to public plumbing or needs a septic system installation. There are actually a number of benefits to having a septic system in your Arlington home.

1. Having a Septic System Makes You More Self-Sufficient

While being connected to the public sewer system may seem more convenient, it can actually result in a number of problems for you and your home. If, for example, there is a major public sewer malfunction or crisis, it can take days or weeks to get your waste water system working properly again. Having your own septic system, however, would mean your home would be unaffected by such an emergency.

2. A Septic System Lasts a Long Time

Any septic contractor will tell you that a good septic system will last you between 20 and 40 years. With regular system inspections and septic tank pumping, if could last even longer.

3. It Can Save You Money

Maintaining and repairing a septic system can be significantly cheaper than dealing with public plumbing and piping issues. It can also be less expensive to pay a septic service company for inspections and pumping than to pay the city for monthly waste water disposal costs.

Need Help with Your New Home’s Septic System in Arlington?

If you’ve just bought a home with a septic system, The Septic Group can help with your inspection, tank pumping and repairs. We also offer excellent installation services. For more information about our company and the many services we offer, contact us today. Make sure you check out our current special offers.

Benefits of Having a Septic System in Arlington

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What Your Septic System Specialist Wants You to Know Before You Buy a Home in Everett

septic system specialist everettYou’ve been looking for the perfect home and you think you’ve found it. There’s just one problem; the home has a septic system instead of city sewers! If you’ve never owned a home with a septic system, this might seem rather daunting. The good news? While there are several distinct differences between a home with a septic sewage tank and a home with city sewer connections, the variances aren’t usually a deal-breaker. Here are a few things your septic system special would want you to know.

Septic Systems are Common

If you’ve never lived in a home with a septic system, you may be surprised to learn they’re relatively common. While city plumbing is more prominent, about 25% of homes rely on septic systems. Many who live in rural areas opt for septic system installations.

Septic Systems Aren’t Complicated

Basically, a septic system transfers wastewater from your home to an underground storage tank. Once the tank fills, you’ll need to schedule a septic tank pumping appointment.

Septic Systems Aren’t Connected to Drinking Water

Most homes with a septic system also have a private well. Some, however, rely on a septic system for sewage disposal and utilize the city water supply. Make sure you clarify this before purchasing your new home.

Septic Systems Require Periodic Maintenance

The biggest difference between city plumbing and a septic system is that the homeowner is responsible for regular septic system maintenance. You’ll need to schedule septic inspections and tank pumping appointments.  These will vary based on your personal water usage.

Need a Septic System Specialist in Everett?

If you’re buying a home with a septic system, it’s a good idea to have a septic specialist inspect the tank before placing an offer. For professional help and advice, contact The Septic Group of the greater Snohomish county today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and provide any initial maintenance required. For more information about our company, current promotions, and the many services we offer, visit our website. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request a free quote.

Your Septic System Specialist in Everett

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Septic System Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home in Granite Falls

septic system questions Granite FallsAre you considering purchasing a new home with a septic system? Buying a house is both exciting and stressful. No one wants to be blindsided with costly issues and repairs after the keys transfer hands. Here are several important septic system questions to ask before making an offer on a home with a septic tank.

Where is the septic system located?

While the answer to this question is, of course, very important, the way it is answered will also provide a lot of useful information. Maybe, for example, the sellers have no idea where the septic tank is located. If that’s the case, it’s a good bet they haven’t contracted septic inspections and pumping since purchasing the home themselves. Septic system maintenance is vital and if it has gone years without it, you’re probably going to run into some issues.

Do you have the system’s service and repair history?

In an ideal world, the seller will have thorough and accurate documentation of all service and repairs since the septic system installation. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t keep documentation that well organized. Ask for whatever they have, however, because this information can help you better understand the condition of the unit.

When was the last time the tank was pumped?

It’s important to know when the last septic tank pumping occurred. If, however, the sellers offer to pump the tank for you right away, request that they wait. This way you can have a professional examine the tank and drain field for you.

Have Septic System Questions about a Home in Granite Falls You’re Buying?

If you’re buying a new home with a septic system and have questions, make sure you reach out to a septic specialist. The Septic Group of the greater Snohomish County will be happy to assist you. We can answer your questions and perform an inspection on your potential dream home. For more information about current promotions, visit our website or contact us today to request a free quote.

We’ll Answer Your Septic System Questions for Granite Falls Homeownership

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