Caring for Your Septic System in Fall City During the Winter

septic systemIn cold-climate areas of the country, winters can be rough on your septic system. Septic system maintenance is essential no matter the time of year, but it’s even more important that you maintain your system when the temperature dips. It’s easier and more cost-effective to make minor tune-ups as the season changes than contacting a local septic service for repairs or even an entire system replacement. Here are some winter septic system care tips for Fall City residences.

Maintain Your Pumping Schedule

You should schedule septic tank pumping regularly and don’t miss any sessions. A backed-up system during winter can lead to enormous issues down the road.

Clear Away Nearby Plants

To prevent expensive repairs, make sure the drainfield is free of deep-rooted plants, trees, or bushes. While such vegetation enhances curb appeal, it comes at the cost of the roots potentially causing damage to the pipes.

Treat Your System Right

Septic inspections are a good start, but your system also requires preventive maintenance. For starters, don’t flush grease and non-biodegradable items down the drain. Should a backup occur, refrain from using chemical-based drain cleaners.

Avoid Driving Over the Septic Tank

Avoid driving over the drainfield, especially after a snowfall. This can lead to snow compaction, which occurs when snow is compressed close to the system. Compaction can put the system at risk of freezing.

Prioritize Winter Septic System Care in Fall City

Winter isn’t far off, and cold weather is nearly in full swing. It’s essential to make the appropriate preparations. Contact The Septic Group for speedy assistance. Winter septic system care in Fall City should be a priority to offset potential damage. Make an appointment today to be certain the system is ready for the pending frigid temperatures.

Winter Septic System Care in Fall City

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Expectations of the Septic System Design Process in Lake Stevens

septic system design Do you have plans for a septic system installation in Lake Stevens? Whether it’s for your residence or commercial property, you should have at least a basic understanding of the process. This is why it’s essential to have a sit-down and detailed discussion with the contractor heading your project. Here are some of the septic system design processes to expect over the duration of the project. 

You’ll Need Professional Assistance

Septic system crew members perform an array of services, from septic pumping to inspections. In addition, they have the licensure to perform a survey of your land to determine the required dimensions for an installation.

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Reasons for a Professional Septic System Design in Kirkland

septic system design Do you need to install a septic system or replace an existing one on your Kirkland property? A technician will need to evaluate your land and design a system layout. Due to the many complexities, professional septic system design can only be completed by a licensed technician. Here are a few other reasons you should hire a professional that performs septic system repairs and inspections.

It’s Required by Law

As a homeowner, you’re required to have either a licensed septic professional or engineer design the system. This ensures the installation is on par with local building codes. In no way is the design process something the homeowner or even most general contractors can perform. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Expensive Septic System Repairs in Stanwood

septic-system-parts You need to care for your septic system the same way you care for your home plumbing and other residential fixtures. A little bit of maintenance is a surefire way to avoid septic system repairs. This will also save you the time, hassle, and money associated with a major repair. Here are ways you can keep your septic tank and connected pipes in optimal health.

Use Your Trashcan

Don’t let solid debris enter the drains. Solid waste belongs in the waste bin. This includes food scraps, such as small bones and vegetable/fruit peelings. These can all cause significant harm to the pipes and lead to backups. Continue Reading →

What to Expect During a Septic System Evaluation in Arlington

septic system inspectionDo you have a scheduled septic system evaluation for your Arlington property? Whether you need a septic system inspection or pumping, you may have some questions about how the process works. This is especially so if you have never utilized such services before. Here is how you prepare and what to expect for the upcoming inspection and consultation.

Ask Lots of Questions

You probably have a lot of questions running through your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you need. In fact, the inspector will likely have questions of his own, such as the age of your system or the date of the last inspection. Be prepared to answer these questions and possibly show documentation. This will help the inspector determine the septic system’s condition and determine the work, if any, that needs to be done. 

A Full Inspection

Do you know what’s included in a full inspection? A thorough inspection includes an evaluation of the drain field and the system’s many pipes. The inspection includes a check for leaks, effluent overflow, etc. Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for Your Septic System Installation in Newcastle

septic tank inspection

Do you need a septic system for your property? Perhaps you’re replacing an old one, or the installation is for a new property. Either way, you want to be sure you prep your land for the process. Here are some septic system installation preparation tips to follow for best results. This will make the process run more smoothly for the contractors and homeowners alike.

1. Speak with Your Septic Contractor

The first step is to find a trustworthy contractor. The contractor will come to your home and perform an assessment of your land. This is the time to ask questions. This may include questions pertaining to duration, fees, future maintenance requirements, etc.

2. Designate a Location

Your contractor will perform a survey of the property grounds to determine where to install the system. The area needs to be adequate to work as a drain field. It also needs to be easily accessible for septic tank pumping.

3. Clear the Land

Once you determine the location, the next step is to clean the area. Relocate items like garden tools and decor items. If the area has a tree or shrubbery, you may have to hire an arborist to remove it and its entire root system. 

4. Obtain Required Permits

Depending on the location, you may need to get a permit from your municipality. The contractor will outline the documents you need and where to acquire them. 

Get Started with Septic System Installation Preparation in Newcastle

Septic system installation preparation is an integral step that will make the process run far more smoothly. Contact The Septic Group for superior septic services. We provide professional industry expertise and can install a system that meets all modern standards and quality assurance. 

Septic System Installation Preparation in Newcastle

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3 Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Pumping Near Redmond

septic tank pumping Are you a septic system owner in or around Redmond, Washington? If so, have you been scheduling routine pumping from a professional septic system maintenance company? This is essential for the longevity of your system. Here are some of the septic tank pumping benefits that all homeowners should consider.

Regular Pumping Saves You Money

A huge advantage of septic tank pumping is that it saves you money in the long run. Neglecting to pump the system can lead to leaks in the pipes or tank itself. This can lead to major and irreversible damage. This could lead to an expensive replacement and a new septic system installation. Prevent this altogether with regular pumping.

Proper Cleaning Protects Your Family

Neglecting pumping the system can lead to backups in the home plumbing system. Apart from causing your drains to clog up, it can also create a serious sanitation issue both indoors and in the drain field. This can lead to illness, especially among young children and pets.

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Managing Your Septic System after a Flood in Carnation

Septic System after a FloodCarnation and surrounding areas receive their fair share of heavy rains. Sometimes, this leads to flooding that can linger for days. This can be taxing on the septic system. This is why it’s important to schedule septic system maintenance when weather causes water to puddle on your drain field. The septic system after a flood is in a vulnerable state. Do your part to prevent the system from backing up.

Do Not Drive Over Your Drain Field

Your septic system is already susceptible to damage in the midst of a flood. Don’t exacerbate the issue by driving over the drain field. The weight of the vehicle causes the soil to compact. This leads to further complications with water and effluent drainage. Continue Reading →

How to Find the Best Septic Contractor Near Mountlake Terrace

Find the Best Septic ContractorDo you need a septic system inspection for your Mountlake Terrace property? You’ll need to bring in an expert for the job. However, not any contractor will suffice. You need a professional you can trust with a solid reputation. Here are some tips to help you locate a trustworthy contractor.

1. Ask for Septic Contractor Referrals

Ask people you know for references. All septic systems eventually require an inspection or routine pumping. Someone you know has likely hired a septic company in the past few years. Ask these people if they were satisfied with the service. If so, ask for the company’s contact details.

2. Shop Around

Unless you have a septic emergency, you have time to do some research. With the recommendations you received, perform a quick online search. Hopefully, the company has a website or at least a social media channel where you can do some digging.

3. Do Research

By research, we mean reading reviews and taking into account the positive and negative feedback from past customers. You can also respond to customer comments; some may respond back and give you more details about their experience. Continue Reading →

Tips to Help Your Septic System Last Longer Near Monroe


The home’s plumbing is an integral part of the property that’s all too often overlooked. You need to take care of your plumbing to take care of your septic system. This will offset major repairs. Here are some septic system maintenance tips to prolong the system’s life and ensure it works properly with minimal backups.

1. Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly

Septic tank pumping is an essential part of septic system care. To maintain the system, we recommend an inspection at least once a year. This will determine whether septic pumping is required. Pumping intervals differ depending on factors like the size of your home, the number of occupants, and total water usage. For the average-size residence, this comes down to a pumping session every one to three years.

2. Be Mindful of What You Put into the Septic System

As a general rule, no man-made objects should ever go into the drains. This includes cigarette butts, diapers, cotton swabs, etc. Too many non-biodegradable items going into the system can lead to a septic system emergency, which can be quite pricey. Continue Reading →