How to Clean Your Septic Outlet Filter in Lynnwood

Septic-Outlet-Filter-LynnwoodMost newer septic systems are equipped with an outlet filter inside the septic tank. The purpose of this filter is to trap any solid materials that could otherwise escape the tank and clog the pipes in the drainfield. Your septic outlet filter will require periodic cleaning and maintenance to function properly and effectively. If this isn’t addressed, the filter itself could clog, which could lead to the septic tank flooding onto the ground or sewage backing up into the home.

Know Your Setup

Knowing is half the battle! If you’re unsure whether your system is outfitted with a filter, reviewing the as-built documentation or maintenance records may provide you with an answer. If this information is unavailable, a septic service provider would be able to assess whether your system has a filter.

Find Access Points

Access is critical! Making sure that being able to get to the filter quickly can save you from costly cleanups or repairs. Having a riser and lid installed over the outlet end of your septic tank is the best way to provide readily available access both in cases of emergency and for routine maintenance. 

Consider a Retrofit

Retrofits are available! If you’re interested in having a septic outlet filter installed in your septic tank, the technicians at The Septic Group can recommend the appropriate model for your situation. Having a filter installed even on an older system may extend the life of the existing drainfield by protecting it from solids. 

Need Help Cleaning Your Septic Outlet Filter in Lynnwood?

As part of a routine pumping or inspection service, The Septic Group offers filter cleaning at no additional charge. For properties that require more frequent filter cleanings, many homeowners opt to handle this task themselves. It’s as easy as opening the access point, removing the filter cartridge, and using a garden hose to rinse the particulates off the mesh and back into the tank. If your property needs the best septic care, service, or installation, then it’s essential to get in contact with a reputable company. This is where The Septic Group in Snohomish comes in. In addition to installations, we perform a number of other services, including septic system repair, inspections, and septic tank pumping. Our team performs the needed service according to federal and state guidelines. Leave the guesswork to us, so your home can be fitted with a modern and up-to-date septic system. Contact us today!

Top-Tier Cleaning for Your Septic Outlet Filter in Lynnwood

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