Winter Septic System Tips in Marysville

winter septic system marysvilleWith the coming of the coldest season and the jolly holidays, your septic system will need extra maintenance. While septic care is always essential, some aspects change when it gets really cold. Be ready by following these winter septic system tips in Marysville.

Insulate the Tank

Insulate the septic system when it begins getting cold, so the parts don’t freeze. Allow the grass covering the drain field to grow out for an additional layer of protective barrier. You can also apply mulch over the spot. This cover helps the unit maintain heat.

Don’t Put Off Pumping

If you’re thinking about getting through winter without a septic tank pumping interval, we recommend reconsidering. We suggest this before the end of the start of the new year. Once January arrives, the ground may begin freezing over, making it harder to access the hatch in the snow-ridden ground. In addition, more people may begin scheduling pumping in January as part of a home resolution, so getting a desired appointment may be more difficult post-holidays.

Keep Water Moving

Moving water doesn’t always freeze over. If you anticipate colder weather coming, be sure you keep water flowing through the system. Everyday tasks like showering, laundry, and washing dishes should offset freezing. Avoid long periods of inactive water use.

Need Winter Septic System Help in Marysville?

When you require help with your septic system this winter, call the pros at The Septic Group of the greater Snohomish County. We provide various septic service types, including septic installation and repair. Entrust us with the all-important task of winter septic system care throughout the chilly season!

Winter Septic System Services in Marysville

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