3 Reasons for a Septic System Inspection in Marysville

septic system inspection, reasons for septic inspectionWhen and how often should you make an appointment for septic system inspections in Marysville, Washington? If you have a septic system on your property, it’s essential to make arrangements for an inspection. You should do this at least once a year or when you detect an abnormality with the system. Here are three reasons an inspection is highly recommended at regular intervals. This is crucial for the health and longevity of your septic tank, pipes, and drain field.

You’re Buying a New Home

Are you considering buying a home? The property may have a septic system. If so, schedule an inspection before finalizing the purchase. This way, if a problem is detected, you can sort it out with the current owner. If the system requires pumping, for example, then the owner can agree to cover the cost of maintenance as part of the negotiations.

You’re Planning a Remodel

We also suggest consulting with a septic system professional before making any major home renovations. This is really important if expanding the property. An inspection will determine whether the current septic system can accommodate the expansion. If upgrading the bathroom, for example, this may require upgrading the tank size.

You’ve Noticed a Possible Problem

Inspections are also necessary when you detect an issue. Typical signs to watch for include foul odors, drainfield flooding, backed-up drains, and gurgling sounds. These can indicate septic system repairs are required.

Need to Schedule Septic System Inspections in Marysville?

Is your septic system due for an inspection? For expert and trustworthy services performed to standards, contact the team at The Septic Group to arrange maintenance. We have a stellar resume of serving homeowners in and around Marysville.

Septic System Inspections in Marysville

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