Helpful Everett Septic Tank Pumping Tips

septic tank pumpingWhen did you last schedule septic tank pumping services in Everett? Essential septic tank maintenance will significantly expand the system’s longevity. Here are some septic tank pumping Advice to ensure the process goes more smoothly for you and the technician alike.

Plan Ahead

To prevent expensive septic system repairs, you should schedule pumping every three to five years. The precise intervals will be dependent on several factors, such as the tank size and the number of home occupants. An Everett technician can give you recommendations on pumping frequency.

Locate Your Tank

It’s essential that you know where the system is located. While a septic technician can locate it on their own, some will charge an additional fee for this. You should also take measures to ensure that the septic lid is accessible. This is easily doable by installing a septic riser.

Know Your Septic Contractor

Since maintaining your septic system is so crucial, it’s not a bad idea to have the contact information of a local contractor. Consistently using the same company establishes a positive client/company relationship. The company will also become familiar with your needs, pumping intervals, etc.

Follow Our Septic Tank Pumping Advice in Everett

We can’t stress the importance of regular septic tank pumping to keep the pipes and tank free of solids that can obstruct proper effluent flow. The septic tank pumping advice above ensures the process goes without a hitch for everyone involved. Our crew has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to perform pumping and other maintenance work to industry standards. Get in touch with The Septic Group today to schedule a consultation!

Everett Septic Tank Pumping Advice

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