Important Septic System Lifespan Factors in Arlington

septic system lifespanDo you wonder how long your septic system can last? While septic system lifespan varies, most models can perform reliably for roughly 40 years. Keep in mind that how you care for the system can greatly contribute to its longevity. The following are factors that may help you prolong the system’s life. These implementations ensure you get the most out of your system before your property is due for a new installation.

Septic System Usage

The volume of water your household uses plays a huge role in how long the system lasts. Using large volumes of water within a short span of time stresses the system. Avoid taking long showers, doing laundry back-to-back, etc. High water use also increases septic pumping frequency.

Soil and Moisture Conditions

Soil conditions change over time. Heavy traffic over the drain field, for example, can lead to soil compaction. Ponding water is another major issue. A septic system inspection usually includes a soil test to determine the suitability of the ground.

Tree and Plant Proximity

Trees and plants with extensive root systems can be a serious issue. As the root grows, it can rupture the system’s pipes, leading to leakage of wastewater. This can lead to costly septic system repairs. If you’re considering a new septic system installation, be sure the potential drain field area is free of trees and large shrubbery.

We Help Extend Your Septic System Lifespan in Arlington

If you’re a septic system owner, it’s worth exploring ways to increase the unit’s lifespan. Leave this task to The Septic Group. We examine your unit, and the drain field, and devise ways you can increase the septic system lifespan and ensure you get the most value out of your investment. 

Septic System Lifespan Experts in Arlington

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