Septic System Summer Care Tips in Monroe

septic system summer careWith summer here, now is the time for outdoor luaus and barbecues. However, with this season also comes the need for extra care of some fixtures around your home. This includes the septic system. Homeowners tend to increase water use during this time as they take more showers, do more laundry, and use the lawn sprinklers. Here are some septic system summer care tips to be mindful of to help keep the system in optimal condition.

Look for Standing Water

Despite the heat, summer can also mean moderate rainfall. As mentioned, this is also when homeowners use the sprinklers to provide ample watering for the grass and shrubbery. This can lead to standing water, in turn causing a number of issues for the drain field. If you notice ponding water directly above this area, contact a technician for an inspection.

Inform Your Guests

If you plan to have patio gatherings with friends and neighbors, inform them about best practices when handling disposable items and water. This means not flushing man-made items down the toilet other than toilet paper. Also, inform guests not to drive over or park their vehicles on the drain field. The weight of cars can place extreme stress on the septic pipes.

Plan Landscaping Accordingly

If you do your own gardening or landscaping, be mindful of the plants you grow. Refrain from planting deep-rooted trees and shrubbery. Instead, aim for shallow-root plants native to the Pacific Northwest. The former can damage pipes with their elongated root systems. This can lead to costly repairs.

Need Help with Summer Septic System Care in Monroe?

Make septic system summer care a priority now that the hottest time of year is among us. Contact The Septic Group to set up a routine maintenance schedule. Ensure that your system stays in top condition.

Summer Septic System Care Assistance in Monroe

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