Indicators You Have a Septic System in Snohomish

septic system indicatorsMost Snohomish homeowners clearly know whether their property includes a septic system. However, some people who move into a new home or inherited property may not know. Being that the system is buried beneath a drain field, it’s not exactly apparent. It’s important that you pay attention to the septic system indicators that hint that you have a septic tank and connecting pipelines. Once you made a confirmation, you can take the steps to arrange a septic inspection and septic pumping as needed.

1. You Have a Well

If a well is present, then it’s likely you have a septic system. Even so, you should still verify with a professional to determine whether the home uses well water. 

2. There’s No Meter

Homes that get their water from a municipal sewer line will have a waterline meter, located outside the home, usually on the front porch or in the patio. If there’s no meter present, then there’s a good chance you have a well. 

3. Water Bills Show No Charge

If you’re sent water or property tax bills that show zero charges for sewer services, then this may be because you have an active septic system.

4. Your Neighbors Have Septic Systems

You can also ask your neighbors if they have a septic system. If they do, then chances are that you have one as well. This is true even if the nearest neighbor is a bit further out.

We Help Identify Septic System Indicators in Snohomish

Do you need assistance knowing if you have a septic system or locating it on your Snohomish property? Contact The Septic Group for immediate assistance. The septic system indicators aren’t always fail-proof signs, so it’s good to bring in a technician. Once you get confirmation, be sure to schedule regular septic maintenance to keep the tank and pipes running optimally.

Septic System Indicators in Snohomish

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