Signs of a Leach Field Problem in Lake Stevens

leach field problemAre you uncertain whether your septic system’s leach field is performing optimally in Lake Stevens, Washington? The leach field is a critical part of a working septic system, and issues can necessitate septic system repairs. To keep damage at bay, owners should schedule maintenance at regular intervals. If you notice a leach field problem, then it may be due to the problems listed below.

Water Pooling in the Yard

A functioning leach field will filter wastewater into the ground, where it’s absorbed naturally. If you see pooling water around the leach field, then that’s not a good sign. It’s likely a symptom of clogged pipes. Have a professional examine the condition of the field. 

Odors Outside the Home

When the leach field ceases to function, the blackwater from the septic tank will build up in the soil. This creates foul odors. If you notice this issue, it’s time to contact a local technician.

Waste Backing Up Into Your Home

Water backing up into the home is a sign of an issue with the septic system. When the septic system is no longer working, waste can no longer travel through the pipes and may even travel in the reverse direction back into the home. This manifests in the form of a backed-up toilet, sink, or shower.

We Solve Your Leach Field Problem in Lake Stevens

Are you concerned that your leach field is failing? Contact The Septic Group of the greater Snohomish County today. We provide expert septic system care and septic system installations. Browse our site to see the full range of services we provide for septic system owners in and around Lake Stevens.

Leach Field Problem Solvers in Lake Stevens

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