Caring for Your Septic System in Fall City During the Winter

septic systemIn cold-climate areas of the country, winters can be rough on your septic system. Septic system maintenance is essential no matter the time of year, but it’s even more important that you maintain your system when the temperature dips. It’s easier and more cost-effective to make minor tune-ups as the season changes than contacting a local septic service for repairs or even an entire system replacement. Here are some winter septic system care tips for Fall City residences.

Maintain Your Pumping Schedule

You should schedule septic tank pumping regularly and don’t miss any sessions. A backed-up system during winter can lead to enormous issues down the road.

Clear Away Nearby Plants

To prevent expensive repairs, make sure the drainfield is free of deep-rooted plants, trees, or bushes. While such vegetation enhances curb appeal, it comes at the cost of the roots potentially causing damage to the pipes.

Treat Your System Right

Septic inspections are a good start, but your system also requires preventive maintenance. For starters, don’t flush grease and non-biodegradable items down the drain. Should a backup occur, refrain from using chemical-based drain cleaners.

Avoid Driving Over the Septic Tank

Avoid driving over the drainfield, especially after a snowfall. This can lead to snow compaction, which occurs when snow is compressed close to the system. Compaction can put the system at risk of freezing.

Prioritize Winter Septic System Care in Fall City

Winter isn’t far off, and cold weather is nearly in full swing. It’s essential to make the appropriate preparations. Contact The Septic Group for speedy assistance. Winter septic system care in Fall City should be a priority to offset potential damage. Make an appointment today to be certain the system is ready for the pending frigid temperatures.

Winter Septic System Care in Fall City

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