Reasons for a Professional Septic System Design in Kirkland

septic system designDo you need to install a septic system or replace an existing one on your Kirkland property? A technician will need to evaluate your land and design a system layout. Due to the many complexities, professional septic system design can only be completed by a licensed technician. Here are a few other reasons you should hire a professional that performs septic system repairs and inspections.

It’s Required by Law

As a homeowner, you’re required to have either a licensed septic professional or engineer design the system. This ensures the installation is on par with local building codes. In no way is the design process something the homeowner or even most general contractors can perform.

Improper Designs Hurt the Environment

The process of designing a new septic system is quite sophisticated. If improperly done, effluent and wastewater can leak and make their way into nearby bodies of water, including drinking wells. A septic system inspection will determine if the design is in line with the latest environmental laws.

Clogged Drainfields Are a Health Hazard

A bad septic system design puts the system at risk of backing up. When this occurs, harmful bacteria will spread, leading to a health hazard. Prevent your property from becoming an unsanitary cesspit by entrusting the design process to a professional. Regular septic system maintenance ensures there are no leaks that can become dangerous to people and pets.

Need a Professional Septic System Design in Kirkland?

Whether you’re installing your first unit or are replacing an aging model, you need a licensed technician for a professional septic system design. Contact the crew at The Septic Group for speedy services and work done to precise industry standards.

Professional Septic System Design in Kirkland

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Posted on September 14, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business