How to Avoid Expensive Septic System Repairs in Stanwood

septic-system-partsYou need to care for your septic system the same way you care for your home plumbing and other residential fixtures. A little bit of maintenance is a surefire way to avoid septic system repairs. This will also save you the time, hassle, and money associated with a major repair. Here are ways you can keep your septic tank and connected pipes in optimal health.

Use Your Trashcan

Don’t let solid debris enter the drains. Solid waste belongs in the waste bin. This includes food scraps, such as small bones and vegetable/fruit peelings. These can all cause significant harm to the pipes and lead to backups.

Keep Water Usage in Mind

From the first moment after your septic system installation, you should monitor how much you use water at any given moment. This is especially so when taking a shower or using the washer machine. As a general rule, avoid back-to-back laundry loads, and wait for several minutes before using the shower after someone else used it.

Avoid Flushing Salts and Chemicals

Be mindful of chemicals found in cleaning products. These contain harsh and abrasive solvents that can cause damage to the pipes and harm the good bacteria in the septic tank. Never pour chemicals or flushing salts down the drain.

Pump the Septic System

The frequency for septic pumping is usually every two to three years, though this varies depending on the size of the septic system in relation to the size of the home. Consult with a septic system inspector. 

Avoid Septic System Repair for Your Stanwood Property

We help residences avoid septic system repairs by performing industry-standard inspections. Should you require servicing, give The Septic Group a call. We provide superior septic services for homeowners in and around Stanwood.

Avoid Septic System Repairs in Stanwood

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Posted on August 14, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business