Managing Your Septic System after a Flood in Carnation

Septic System after a FloodCarnation and surrounding areas receive their fair share of heavy rains. Sometimes, this leads to flooding that can linger for days. This can be taxing on the septic system. This is why it’s important to schedule septic system maintenance when weather causes water to puddle on your drain field. The septic system after a flood is in a vulnerable state. Do your part to prevent the system from backing up.

Do Not Drive Over Your Drain Field

Your septic system is already susceptible to damage in the midst of a flood. Don’t exacerbate the issue by driving over the drain field. The weight of the vehicle causes the soil to compact. This leads to further complications with water and effluent drainage.

Wait to Use Your System

If you see puddled water over the drain field, refrain from using the system until the flooding subsides. This means limiting using the washer and shower. Using a lot of water in the home during a flood may lead to backups, eventually requiring septic pumping.

Order a Septic System Inspection

Fortunately, most septic tanks are sturdy enough to withstand prolonged flooding. Nevertheless, it’s best to err on the side of caution and schedule a septic inspection from a professional. A technician can assess for traces of damage, such as a pipe rupture or a tank leak.

Need Help With Your Septic System After a Flood in Carnation?

Your septic system after a flood may not be in a good state. The only way to gauge the usability of the system is to contact The Septic Group for assistance. We ensure your system is in good shape; should there be an issue, we will address the problem using industry solutions and state-of-the-art tools.

We Inspect Your Septic System After a Flood in Carnation

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