3 Signs You’re Headed for a Septic System Emergency Near Mill Creek


If you need to schedule septic system emergency services for your property around Mill Creek, then there’s a serious underlying issue with the septic tank or one of its many inlet and outlet pipes. The good news is that the system will give off signs that something is not working properly. Pay attention to what it’s telling you because these are warning signs that one or more components have malfunctioned, or there is a major obstruction. Be especially on the lookout for these signs of a faulty septic system.

1. Abnormal Drainage or Sounds

Schedule an appointment with a local septic service provider if you notice slow drainage or odors emanating from the system. This includes the drains in your home backing up or gurgling sounds as water slowly goes down the drain. This is usually the first sign that you need a septic system inspection to determine the cause.

2. Standing Water or Foul Smells in the Drain Field

Is there standing water directly above the drain field? This may be a sign of a backup in one of the septic pipes or a rupture. If the pooling water is accompanied by a musty odor, then you may have a septic system emergency, as this can present a serious sanitation issue. At the least, you may require septic pumping to clear a major blockage.

3. Clogged Plumbing and/or Flooding

Call for septic repair if you’re plagued by constant flooding issues. This may be due to a clog that’s gradually progressing its way up the pipes. Though the obstruction is out of sight, the odor will gradually become more apparent. In other words, trust your nose.

Have a Septic System Emergency Near Mill Creek?

Have any of the above signs become apparent? Don’t ignore the problem any longer and contact The Septic Group. We can perform an array of septic-related services, from basic maintenance to new installations. A septic system emergency calls for a professional assessment. Letting the issues go unchecked will only exacerbate the damage.

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Posted on January 14, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business