Caring for Your Septic System During the Winter Near Lynnwood

Septic system during winterIf you reside in a cold region, winters can be quite harsh on the septic system. Maintenance is vital throughout the year, but it’s even more crucial that you maintain the system when the temperature dips. It’s more feasible to make several minor fixes from season to season, rather than calling a contractor for major and expensive septic system repairs. Septic system winter maintenance especially warrants special consideration. Here are ways you can keep the system in operating condition.

Maintain Your Pumping Schedule

Septic tank pumping is necessary to prevent backups from occurring. Rather than waiting for a backup to occur, you should schedule septic pumping at least once a year. It can be nightmarish to have a backed-up septic system smack in the middle of winter.

Clear Away Nearby Plants

To prevent expensive septic system repairs, be certain that any plants and trees are cleared away. While a visual charm, the plant roots beneath the soil can wreak havoc on the septic system pipes.

Treat Your System Right

Don’t abuse the system by haphazardly throwing oil and other non-biodegradable items down the drain. You should also refrain from chemical-based cleaners unless it’s specifically labeled as septic-safe.

Apply Mulch to Protect the System 

Apply a layer of natural mulch. This provides a layer of insulation that safeguards the system and prevents the pipes from freezing over.

Don’t Drive Over the Septic Tank

Driving over the septic system, especially if there’s snow, can result in snow compaction, causing the ice to compress even further into the system. This can lead to a greater likelihood of the tank and pipes freezing.

We Handle Septic System Winter Maintenance Near Lynnwood

Winter is just about here and in full swing. This makes septic system winter maintenance all the more crucial. Be proactive during this season and call The Septic Group for septic now services and to arrange an inspection. We recommend a New Year’s resolution of superior septic system care.

Septic System Winter Maintenance Near Lynnwood

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