How to Prepare for Your Septic Tank Inspection Near Lake Forest Park


You should schedule a septic system inspection every few years. This is especially so if your water usage is above average in relation to the size of your home. An assessment ensures leaks or other damages are detected in their early stages and repairs are made as necessary. Septic tank inspection preparation, though, is important for ensuring a smoother process once the assessment is underway. Here are three ways to prep your drain field.

1. Have Your Septic Tank Design Plans Ready

If you have the original copy of the system’s design plan, have it ready before the inspection date. While it may not be needed, it may come in handy for the contractor, as it aids him/her in determining where different components are in relation to the drainfield.

2. Be Sure the Tank Is Easily Accessible

Some septic tank covers are located below ground level and buried beneath soil and grass. This may make it more difficult for the inspector to locate, which unnecessarily prolongs the process. Locate the cover beforehand. It may also help in the future to install a septic riser.

3. Identify Any Problem Areas 

Has the septic system exhibited problems lately? It would be a great idea to bring up these issues during the inspection, so the inspector can hone in on the problem areas. This could assist the inspector in detecting issues and providing the necessary maintenance.

Make Septic Tank Inspection Preparation A Priority Near Lake Forest Park

For superior septic service, contact The Septic Group for a consultation and to arrange an appointment. We provide a range of septic services around Lake Forest Park, from new septic installations to routine septic pumping. Get in touch with us today for septic now servicing. The right septic tank inspection preparation makes for a smoother process for the inspector and homeowner alike.

Septic Tank Inspection Preparation Near Lake Forest Park

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