3 Helpful Septic Tank Pumping Tips Near Edmonds

snohomish-septicSeptic tank pumping is an integral part of keeping the septic system as a whole in consistent working order. There’s a lot that goes on during a routine pumping session, so we recommend following these fundamental septic tank pumping tips. These tips ensure a smoother process and that the system gets the diligent care it needs.

1. Schedule Septic Tank Pumping Every 3-5 Years

As a rule of thumb, have your septic tank pumped every three to five years. However, there are factors that may necessitate more frequent pumping, even as often as every year. This includes factors like a large household or properties that consume water at a higher output.

2. Pre-Select a Certified Septic Pumper

It’s ideal to have a septic pumper already selected and readily available via phone call. Whichever service you choose, be certain the company only hires certified technicians. During the technicians’ visit, be sure to ask plenty of questions regarding fees, estimated time frame, and other septic system-related inquiries.

3. Locate the Septic Tank Before the Pumping Appointment

Some companies will charge a surplus fee if they have to locate the septic tank within the drain field. Locate the septic tank lid beforehand and consider installing a septic riser to make locating the lid easier in the future.

We Provide Useful Septic Tank Pumping Tips Near Edmonds

Are you in need of a licensed septic pumper? Contact The Septic Group to get immediate assistance for all of your septic system needs, from maintenance to new installations. The above septic tank pumping tips keep the system from experiencing unnecessary backups and clogged drainages.

Septic Tank Pumping Tips from the Experts Near Edmonds

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