Septic Inspections Around Kirkland Will Save You Money Over Time

snohomish septic serviceSeptic system maintenance around Kirkland is about ensuring minor issues don’t exacerbate. That means septic system inspections should be an annual endeavor. There are two areas you need to give extra attention to: the intake and outlet areas. These sections have ports that enable you to see what’s in the tank. There’s a center entryway between these two ports and below a manhole that’s used for pumping solids out.

Proper Septic Tank Pumping Procedures

Pumping needs to go through the central opening because there are baffles, or sanitary tees, situated on both ends of the tank. These regulate the flow of effluent to their designated locations. At the intake, the pipe shuttles wastewater from the home to the central porton of the tank. A wall baffle directs the incoming water downwards. Without the baffle, the effluent would remain above the scum layer and solidify. This keeps wastewater from flowing freely, leading to the drains backing up in your home.

A Baffling Wastewater Problem

At the other end, there are baffles regulating water flow into the drain field. Improperly treated wastewater may be released into the drain field, creating an unsanitary mess and a health concern. The baffles require regular inspections.

Additional Septic System Inspections Around Kirkland

Have a septic professional examine an aging tank for signs of wear and tear. The entry and exit portions are greatly affected by age and wear from constant use. To minimize backups at these locations, repairs may be in order. Call The Septic Group at 360-310-4430 for superior septic inspections that may include pumping, repairs, or even a replacement. We have over five decades of industry experience under our belts. Take care of your septic now so that it continues to operate reliably on a consistent basis.

Kirkland Septic Inspections & Repair

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