Drain field Rejuvenation Can Save You Money in Fall City

septic servicesRoutine care and well-timed pumping is the best way to maintain the septic system. However, sometimes the problem lies not in the system itself but in the drain field. The field may be ponding; this requires your immediate attention. Drain field rejuvenation may be the appropriate step of action.

What Is Drain Field Ponding?

Ponding occurs due to damaged pipes. This usually stems from tree roots penetrating the pipes, or if the soil becomes overly compact and is unable to allow the effluent to percolate. It may also occur when too much water enters the system, stemming from excess water use in the household. It may also be the case that there is too much organic matter clogging the system.

Solutions Other Than Replacement

An inspector may reveal that the problem may stem from the installation of a new garbage disposal or a new bathroom. This may cause biomat to form beneath the distribution pipes and prevent water from percolating. 

Biomat is the organic matter that aids in the purification process. However, too much biomat can inhibit soil infiltration, causing a backup that eventually leads to ponding water. A technician may install a septic tank filter to keep biomat concentrations at a steady level. Regular maintenance will also limit biomat growth.

Consider a Secondary Drain Field

Another solution is to install a secondary drain field fitted with a diversion valve to divert the effluent away from the main drain field. This allows the field time to recover should ponding occur. The homeowner can switch between drain fields as needed so neither system is overtaxed.

We Provide Drain Field Rejuvenation in Fall City

For over two decades, we have been providing superior septic alternatives to a total system replacement, though we also provide septic system installation if deemed necessary. For prompt residential or commercial services, contact The Septic Group today for a septic now consultation.

Drain Field Rejuvenation in Fall City

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