Home Improvements and your Septic System in Kenmore


Are you looking to expand your home in some way or another? If so, consider how this may potentially impact the septic system. Adding a garbage disposal, for example, may seem straightforward. However, non-biodegradable solid debris could enter the septic system, leading to damage and accelerated wear. This may lead to more frequent servicing and septic pumping. This is why you should consult with a septic system specialist before proceeding with any major new construction projects on your property.

Expanding your Home and the Septic System

Are you expanding the bathroom or a bedroom? First, be sure the contractor acquires any required permits before beginning. Any expansion of the house may take up space that makes up the drain field. Encroaching on the drain field can stress the septic system. Many municipalities have actually designated the maximum number of bedrooms and bathrooms allowed for a home with a septic system.

When acquiring a permit, some homeowners or their contractors may try to get around this by listing a new bedroom construction, for example, as a different type of room. However, please consider what ramifications this may have on the septic system. This is why it’s important that you familiarize yourself with local building ordinances and have a septic system provider examine the construction beforehand.

Buying an Older Home with a Septic System

Perform a thorough property inspection. Aside from a property evaluator, you should also bring in a contractor for a septic system inspection. In addition, ask the homeowner for records and documentation of past septic system maintenance

New Construction on Your Kenmore Home? Give Us a Call

When examining a property or a lot where there will be new construction, The Septic Group can assist you with the septic system component of the inspection. We can examine the system, provide maintenance recommendations, or discuss installing a system for a home under renovation.

New Construction and Septic Systems in Kenmore

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