Don’t Let Roots Break into Your Septic System in Bellevue

Snohomish Septic ServicesYour septic system may work without a hitch for years, but there may come a point when you eventually need septic repairs. If your drain field has trees and shrubbery on the surface, the system is at risk of a backup. Roots penetrating through pipes have been an ongoing issue in the industry for years, leading to countless leaks and ruptures. Even if you just have grass over the drain field, which all professional installers recommend, you should still regularly keep an eye on the area.

Look for Puddled Water

Mushy patches of grass may be a sign of a backed-up system. If a section of grass appears very damp and soggy, this may be attributed to a crack in the pipes. You’ll want to look into that right away. The issue with roots is that they’re out of sight, so you need to be on the lookout for telltale signs like soaked grass and contact a septic specialist at the first signs of problems.

Roots, Barriers and the Line of Least Resistance

Do trees and shrubs reside on your drain field? You can get them to grow their roots away from the septic pipes with the right landscaping methods. Loosen the soil on the opposite end of the septic system and fertilize using tree nutrients. This works for shrubs as well. If this technique isn’t sufficient, try using root barriers. These are made from metal or plastic material and gradually release root-killing chemicals. Modern root barriers utilize a time-release system that emits herbicide.

Roots Breaking Septic System? Give Us a Call in Bellevue Today

Contact The Septic Group if you suspect roots are intruding into your septic system. Depending on the extent of damage, a septic repair may be in order. Never underestimate the damage that tree and shrub roots can induce on a residential septic system.

Prevent Roots Breaking Septic System in Bellevue

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