How to Know When to Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning in Monroe

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More than 8,000 restaurants have structure fires each year, totaling over $250 million in property damage. The biggest cause of these fires is the grease traps. Every restaurant owner knows the importance of regular grease trap cleaning. How do you know when, however?

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or have been in business for years, this question is key to a healthy kitchen. Manufacturers typically recommend that you schedule a cleaning every 30 to 90 days. That’s a pretty large window of time.  Frequency depends greatly upon how busy your restaurant is. Watch for these signs that it’s time to schedule a cleaning appointment with your local septic service company in Monroe.

Strong Smells

A kitchen smelling strongly of grease and rotting food is a good sign that it’s time to clean your grease trap. Food waste that sits too long produces strong, unpleasant odors. If you notice strong smells coming from your sink drains, contact your technician.

Poor Sink Drainage

Your grease trap is designed to catch most food waste, but when it’s full, there’s nowhere for the solids to go. When this happens, you’re likely to experience poor drainage or clogged pipes. Don’t wait to clean your grease trap until a problem has already developed.

Problems with Plumbing

If your grease trap is too full, plumbing throughout your facility can start having problems, too. If you notice issues with low water levels in your bathrooms, it could be a result of a grease trap that’s too full.

Think You Should Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning in Monroe Today?

The most important thing to you as a restaurant owner is that your business continues running smoothly. With no time for slow drains or clogged kitchen sinks, make sure you schedule regular grease trap cleanings. The Septic Group is here to help. We offer a variety of services, including grease trap cleanings, septic system maintenance, septic tank pumping, septic system installations, and septic inspectionsContact us today with questions, to schedule a grease trap cleaning appointment, or request a free quote for one of our other services!

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