Common Questions about Grease Traps in Monroe

restaurant grease trapDo you own or manage a company that has a grease trap in Monroe, Washington? Whether you’ve been in the business for years or just started, understanding grease traps can seem daunting. It’s important to familiarize yourself with them, however, in order to avoid unnecessary calls to a septic tank professional. Grease trap maintenance is essential for the success of your kitchen; it’s also a legal requirement for restaurants to maintain them. Keep the following questions about grease traps in mind as you manage your business in Monroe.

What is a grease trap?

Grease traps, or grease interceptors, are devices that separate fats, oils, and greases in wastewater. They are used mostly in food service establishments to prevent these materials from entering the sewage system so these materials don’t cause problems.

Do I need one?

While regulations vary, most establishments with commercial kitchens are required to have grease traps. If you’re unsure whether or not this is necessary for your business, consult a grease trap expert.

How often should it be cleaned?

Grease traps require regular cleaning. Optimally, you should schedule grease trap cleaning every month. Another guiding rule is to schedule an appointment when grease and solids make up 25 percent of your trap’s volume.

Have More Questions about Grease Traps in Monroe?

Do you have more questions about grease traps in Monroe, Washington? Whether you need additional information or are ready to schedule grease trap cleaning, it’s important you find a company you can trust. The Septic Group in Snohomish has been providing septic system installations, septic system repair and septic tank pumping for years. We are also experts in grease trap cleaning. Our highly-trained contractors always provide good advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer service. Whatever your commercial or residential needs are, we’re here to help! Remember to ask about our promotions when you schedule your free quote consultation!

Cleaning Grease Traps in Monroe

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