Ask the Experts in Granite Falls: Common Septic System Maintenance Questions

septic system maintenanceHow much do you know about septic system maintenance in Granite Falls, Washington? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have questions about proper septic care. After all, your system is absolutely essential to your home. While a septic expert would be happy to provide any of the information you require, here are some of the most common questions people ask about septic system maintenance in Granite Falls.

What should I flush?

An important part of septic system maintenance is knowing what to flush and what not to flush. Forcing the wrong items into your pipes can result in expensive septic system repairs. Remember, the only things you should flush are water, waste, and toilet paper. Never attempt to flush cotton swabs, feminine products, paper towels, cigarettes, or floss. These items often cause clogs.

How often do I need septic tank pumping?

Another element of septic system maintenance is septic tank pumping. While every homeowner with a septic system will need to schedule this service, timeframes will vary based on the size of your tank and your household’s overall water usage. In general, however, pumping is required every three to five years.

What are common signs of a problem?

Are you worried there’s a problem with your septic system? Knowing when to call a septic tank professional is important. You should schedule septic system maintenance and/or repair if you notice strong odors, clogs, slow draining sinks, or a flooding drain field.

Have More Questions About Septic Maintenance in Granite Falls?

Do you have more questions about septic system maintenance in Granite Falls, Washington? If you have questions, The Septic Group has the answers! Our team of contractors is highly-trained, experienced, and ready to assist with all your septic system needs. We also offer septic system installations. Check our website for current promotions and request a free quote today!

Septic System Maintenance in Granite Falls

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