Don’t Be Baffled By Septic System Odors Around Kirkland

Snohomish Septic ServiceSome septic system problems are related to the drains that let effluent in and out of your system. These are called the inlet and outlet baffles. They’re very important to the life of your septic system and leach field and may need maintenance to keep your water treatment flowing smoothly.

Types of Baffles and their Job

The intake baffle may be seen if you take the cover off your riser. If it’s damaged it will create a spillage problem. This baffle is used to slow down the water and waste products entering the tank from the main sewer line. It prevents the grease and floating scum from blocking the inlet by making the fluid entering take a quick turn down. When it is damaged or broken it may allow untreated effluent to escape outside the system.

The outlet baffle blocks the floating grease from leaking into the drain field as the treated water is being released. Some indication that there’s a problem with the outlet baffle would be an odor created by the escaping grease and other floating waste materials. If you notice an odor in the drain field area, a call to your local septic contractor should be made immediately.

The Causes of Damaged Baffles

The older septic system may have a damaged baffle at the intake point due to age. A steel tank with a steel baffle may be damaged by rust. A concrete tank may have an eroded or broken baffle. The same problems can affect the outlet baffle too. The problem created by this damage is clogging materials being released into the drain field. When that happens, a new drain field may eventually have to be built at a high cost to the homeowner.

The age of the system doesn’t automatically mean that a tank with new baffles attached must be installed. A professional septic system installer can replace the damaged baffles at a fraction of the cost of tank replacement and stop the damage and odors caused by damaged baffles.

At The Septic Group we can perform every septic maintenance job needed to keep your system running smoothly and worry free. Log on to our website and download a coupon with a special offer on system pumping or baffle and riser installation services. You may use another coupon and receive an operational report on your system to keep you one step ahead of trouble. We’ll inspect your tank, baffles and drain field. Just give us a call at 360-310-4430 to schedule an appointment for any of these septic services.

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